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Welcome to Kids Coloring Central. We wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves. This website was created and authored by myself (Julie) with the help of my kids and grandkids. 

We started this site to add to our existing kids craft site (www.cool-kids-craft-ideas.com). We had so much fun working on that one we thought we would try another.

This site is focused on kids coloring pages (both printables and online coloring). However, we have added some fun online games as well. Then we decided we were missing something - some learning fun. So we have also started (just brand new) a kids fun facts site (www.kids-fun-facts.com).

On this sister site you can learn fun facts about anything, grab some learning worksheets and learn all sorts of things. So rather it's crafts you are looking for, some games or coloring fun or some silly facts and learning worksheets, you can find it on one of our group of sites.

The Team

Although I am the creator and author of the site I get lots of input and help from my kids and grandkids. So I thought I'd take some time to introduce you to them.

Jayden / Kristina

As the youngest member of the team (4 1/2 years old), Jayden is the most curious and active. Always asking lots of questions and wanting to color, play games and just stay busy. Jayden helps "kid" test the games and helps pick out cute pictures for the coloring pages.

Mother of my grandson Jayden, and my daughter, Kristina helps by picking out pictures, editing them when needed and tests the pages as we complete them. She is a wonderful daughter and mother and earns a few extra dollars by helping with the website.

Tyler and Austin / Jonathan

My other wonderful grandsons (Tyler - age 6 and Austin - age 7),  help by suggesting new themes, pictures and games. As school aged children, it's great to have them on the team to help keep us informed of what subjects we can focus on for lots of learning fun.

Jonathan, a great dad and a helpful son, is the father of Tyler and Austin (and my son). He helps with the websites by doing research on facts, helps test pages and keeps us on top of things.


My oldest son Mike (although no kids yet) loves his nephews and loves helping us out on this website. "Uncle Mike" enjoys sitting down with the kids and coloring pictures. He helps on the team by making sure the coloring pages are "kid" and "uncle" approved.


As the author and creator of this website (and our sister sites) I get to be a kid again through these websites. And if that wasn't enough of a reason, I also earn extra income through advertisements on the site. This helps me contribute to the household income in this tough economy.  Keep reading if you want to make money from home.

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