Kids Online Games

These kids online games cover many different types of games to play online. There are crossword puzzles, word searches, jigsaws, concentration (or the memory game) and many more.

The games are organized by type and holidays. You can use the links below to jump to the section of this page for specific types of games or scroll through the page to see them all. This site is just a couple of months old, so not too many games right now. But we are adding new ones each week so be sure to come back and see what new online fun you can find.

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For the holiday games, click here to jump to the holiday section of this page.

Jigsaw Puzzles

In this section of the kids online games you will find links to all our jigsaw puzzles. There are a hanful of these kids games right now but we will be adding lots more of these types of interactive games.


Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2


Fireworks (4th of July)

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Crossword Puzzles for Kids

This section lists all the kids crossword puzzles that you solve online. Many of these also have a printable version. The printables are great for parents and teachers to help their kids learn different words and meanings.

4th of July

Others are coming soon!

Crossword puzzles help kids sharpen their mind, builds interest in ready and writing, increases their vocabulary, strengthens critical thinking skills and of course are just plain fun.

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Word Search Puzzles

These kids word searches are summer themed words. You can play these online or grab a printable version. Printed word searches are a great way for teachers and parents to take the learning fun offline.

Each of these pages include three levels of puzzles (easy, medium and hard). This way kids of all reading ages can give it a try. If they solve the easy level then they can try the next level for lots of online learning fun.



Independence Day

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Other Kids Online Games

In this section are various games. Some are learning games and others are just fun interactive games. Below each link is a brief description of the game so you can pick the ones you want to try.

Fly Butterfly
This is an interactive game in which kids fly the butterfly through flowers collecting cute bugs along the way.

Match 3 Butterfly Game
This is a match 3 game with beautiful butterflies.

Caterpillar Maze Game
There are 3 levels of this maze game (easy, medium and hard). So as you complete one level you can try the next.

Tic Tac Toe - Ants
In this classic game it's black ants against red ants. Kids play against the computer online.

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Holiday Games

July 4th Games (Independence Day)

These games include jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word searches and more.

Since this site is new, we started with this holiday. Don't worry, we will have more holiday games as we near the next fun holiday. So be sure to visit again to find more online holiday fun.

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