Kids July 4th Games Online

These July 4th games for kids can be played online. There are fun puzzles, word searches and more to help celebrate this holiday.  Independence Day is filled with cookouts, family gatherings and of course fireworks. To help you get in the spirit of this holiday, try your hand at some of these online games in honor of the 4th of July.

Use the links below to go to the game you want to play. Below each link is a brief description of the game.

July 4th Games

Many of these games have several levels (easy, medium and hard) so kids of all ages can give them a try.

Independence Day Crossword Puzzles

These puzzles can be played online or even printed to solve at a later time. There are two levels (easy and hard). Young readers can start with the easy level and if they are feeling brave they can try the hard level as well.

Hint: The printed version does have the solution if you need plus the online version has buttons to help you solve the puzzle.

July 4th Word Search Puzzle

With these kids online games you find words associated with this holiday. There are 3 levels (easy, medium and hard). So start off easy with the younger readers and work up to the hard level.

With the online version you can scramble the words so it's like doing a brand new puzzle each time. The printed versions do not scramble but are a great way to take these kids online games offline.

For an even more challenge, the printed version of the hard level has a hidden message. So once you solve the puzzle you must find the message with the unused letters.

4th of July Jigsaw Puzzles

These brilliant and bright fireworks pictures make a fun (but challenging) jigsaw puzzle kids put together online. Plus a picture of our flag waving to celebrate this day.

Kids Online Games - Memory Game for Independence Day

Test your memory skills with these classic concentration games with lots of 4th of July pictures. These are played online with fun sounds as you play. There are 3 levels (easy, medium and hard) so kids of all ages can get in on the fun.

In addition to these online July 4th games try some online coloring for Independence Day


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