Kids Crossword Puzzles - July 4th

These July 4th kids crossword puzzles can be played online or you can print off the PDF file to solve offline. Find these patriotic words for lots of puzzle solving fun.

There are two versions of this puzzle. The first is the easiest level with only 10 words to solve. The word list is shown at the bottom making it easier enough for kids (of reading age) to solve.

The second version is a bit harder with a total of 20 words. The word list is not provided on this harder level. However, for both puzzles you can always click on the help or the link to the solutions pages for each level of these July 4th puzzles.

Use the links below to select the level you want to try.

Easy                        Hard

July 4th Crossword Puzzle - Easy

Below is the interactive online kids crossword puzzle for the 4th of July celebration. These words are associated with this holiday and our country. So good luck kids in solving this puzzle online.

If you want to try your hand at this kids puzzle offline, click here to open the PDF document. Once opened you can print or save to your computer to print off later.

If you solved this one kids then try the harder version. Just use the link below to get started. Remember you can print this easy version off to do again offline. The printed version is great for teachers and caregivers to give a fun puzzle activity to their students. Use the link below to get the printed version. Just right mouse click and select "save as" or click the link and open the file for printing.

PDF Version Crossword - Easy

This printed version also includes the solution page.  If you just want to see the solution without printing, just click the link below to open the PDF file in a new window. Then just scroll down to see the solution (page 2).

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4th of July Online Crossword - Hard

This online kids crossword puzzle is a bit harder. There are 20 words to solve and no key word bank to help you. So you need to really put on your thinking caps for this one.

Because this particular crossword is larger we set it up in a pop up window. This way you can expand the window to see the full puzzle (including the clues, etc.) So just click on the link below to get started solving this July 4th kids puzzle.

Kids crossword puzzles hard level

Hey kids, teachers and caregivers, you can also get this version as a PDF file to print or save to your computer. Just click the link below to get it now.

PDF Version July 4th Crossword - Hard

Right mouse click and select "save as" to save to your computer or left click to open the file. Once the file is opened you can also view the solutions page without printing it you like. Just scroll down to the second page (solutions page).

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