Online Maze Games for Kids

These online maze games for kids have a caterpillar trying to make his way to the leaf. He is hungry and needs your help to get there. Try the next level and help the caterpillar find a twig to start his transformation. Or take it to the hardest level and help the little guy turn into a beautiful butterfly. 

There are 3 different levels to try so there is one perfect for kids of all ages. Maybe mom and dad or even teachers want to give this maze a try.  To start solving these mazes click on the level you want to try using the links below. 

Easy                            Medium                        Hard

Caterpillar Maze Easy

Help the hungry caterpillar find his lunch by solving this maze. To start, click on the green dot at the starting point. Then use you arrow buttons (up, down, left and right) to move the dot through the maze to the finish.


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Online Maze - Medium

In this medium level caterpillar maze you have to help this bug find a twig in order to make his cocoon for his big transformation. This stage is called the pupa where the caterpillar stays inside until they are ready to emerge as a beautiful butterfly.


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Caterpillar Maze Online - Hard

Things get a bit more difficult to solve with this level. But the caterpillar needs your help to become a beautiful butterfly. Help her find the way so she can fly away.



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