Online Pilgrim Coloring Page 

Check out this online pilgrim coloring page for kids. This is just one of several Thanksgiving picture kids can color online for lots of holiday fun.

To begin coloring this picture just pick a color from the palette below by using your left moust button. Then click in an area of the picture to change it to the selected color. That's all there is to it. Just keep repeating these steps until your pilgrim picture is complete. 

If you want to start from the beginning just click on the clear button. You can also change colors as often as you want. Just pick a new color and click on the old color to change your picture around.

This is just one of many online Thanksgiving coloring pages so be sure to try them all. So let's help this pilgrim hunt the turkey for the big feast by painting him online.

More Online Thanksgiving Coloring

Here is another online pilgrim coloring page. This little pilgrim girl is dressed up in her finest for this special holiday of giving thanks.

Here are even more online coloring pictures for Thanksgiving.

Gobble up this fun Thanksgiving coloring page. With all the many feathers and his pilgrim hat, this turkey picture is so much fun to color online.

Native American Indian
The first Thanksgiving was shared with the Indians and Pilgrims. Help remember this special event by painting this Native American online.

Cornucopia Picture
The cornucopia is a symbol of the fall harvest and Thanksgiving feasts.

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