Online Scarecrow Coloring Page

This online scarecrow coloring page is a fun activity for kids for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the fall season. Scarecrows are funny looking straw filled fellows standing in the middle of the farmer's fields. They are there to scare off the birds that are trying to eat the crops.

In this scarecrow picture he has a little friend sitting on his arm. He is all decked out in his overalls, raggedy shirt and straw hat. There are lots of areas to color so kids can make him bright and happy. 

To begin painting this scarecrow picture online, select a color from the palette below the picture. Then move to the area of the picture you want to make that color. Just click again and that area of the picture is painted with your selected color. If you want to start from the beginning, just click on the clear button. This puts it back to black and white where you can color it again and again.

More Online Coloring

Here is another online scarecrow coloring page. This guy is ready for Halloween with his pumpkin head, the full moon and the fall harvest. 

Here are even more online Halloween coloring pages for you to try.

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More Kids Fun

Printable Scarecrow Coloring Pictures
For even more scarecrow coloring fun, try printing some of these off for the fall season.

Kids Scarecrow Craft
This kids craft idea is made from craft sticks, fall colored cloth and some straw. Sitting on a pumpkin, this guy will make a fun decoration for the holidays. This link is to our sister site where you can find lots of craft ideas.

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