Bats and Vampire Coloring Printables

This page has bats and vampire coloring printables just in time for Halloween. From flying bats into scary vampires, kids are sure to find lots of coloring fun. 

This page of Halloween coloring printables is just one of several you will find on this site. So get out the orange, black and other scary colored crayons, warm up the printer and let's start coloring.

You can hang these in your classroom or home for lots of fun decorations for this special holiday. Teachers can print out several different pictures or several of the same for all the kids in the class. Parents will love having these coloring pages around to help kids get into the spirit of Halloween.

For these bats and vampire pictures, just scroll through the page to find your favorite. Just click on the picture and it will open a new window/tab for the larger, printable page. Use your browser's print functions to print it off.

Kids Bats Coloring Pages

This section includes all the Halloween bats. Be sure to scroll down further to find the vampire pictures.

kids bee coloring page
kids bee coloring page
kids bee coloring page
kids bee coloring page

Fun Facts About Bats

Did you know......

  • The smallest bat is only 1.5 inches (4 cm) long and has a wingspan of only 5 inches (12.5 cm).
  • The largest bat has a wingspan of almost 5 feet and is 16.7 inches long.

  • A bat's wing are made of two thin layers of skin.

  • Bats have 4 fingers and a thumb.....just like you. But their fingers are very long in comparison to their body. In fact, if our fingers were as long compared to our body size, they would be as long as your legs.

  • Bats use their wings for more than just flying. They also use them to hold onto food like insects and fruit.

Vampire Coloring Printables

This section has a handful of vampire pictures you can print and color. Just select the picture below and it will open the larger, printable picture in a new window or tab. From there just use your browser's print functions and grab your crayons.

kids bee coloring page
kids bee coloring page
kids bee coloring page
kids bee coloring page

In addition to these bats and vampire coloring pages, check out all the Halloween pictures.

More Halloween Fun

Here's some fun bats and vampire activities we found on the web.


This fun online game is from one of our favorite kids sites. Try it out and be sure to get back to your coffin before dawn.

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