Online Word Search Game - Bugs

Check out this bugs word search game for kids you solve online. There are many different types of bugs to search for in this online kids game. From ants to yellow jackets and every bug in between.

Kids love watching bugs and playing games. This page is perfect for all those kids who love bugs and solving word searches.

You can pick the level of difficulty with this puzzle. For younger kids they can start with the easy level. There are fewer words and a bigger font making finding the bug words a bit easier. Once they master this and for older kids they can try the medium or even the hard level - or try to solve all three levels.

Use the links below to select the level you want to try. Once you have completed one level, give the harder levels a try.



bullet Hard

Bugs Word Search - Easy

This is the easy level with just a handful of different bug words. The font is larger and easier to read for younger children.

The list of words will appear in the right hand column. On the left are the words in which you have to find.

As you find the word, click on the first letter. Then while holding down the mouse click, drag the mouse to the last letter of the word and then let go of the mouse click. This will circle the word found and remove it from the list.

For hints on finding a word, click on the word in the right column. Then click on the "find words" button and the word will be highlighted. You can do this kids game again by just clicking on the "rescramble" button to scramble the words in different places.

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Word Search Game - Medium

This version of the online game has a few more words and the font is a bit smaller to fit in more words. You play it the same way with the words you need to find listed on the right. Find the words in the table, click on the first letter and holding down the click, drag your mouse to the last letter and then let go of the mouse click. The word will be highlighted and removed from the list.

To view and play this game, your browser must support Java and Java must be activated on your computer.
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Online Bugs Game - Hard

This version is the hardest level for finding the bug names. There are more bug words and an even smaller font size, so it gets a little harder to find the words. Remember you can always use a hint by clicking on the word in the right column and then clicking on the "find words" button.

To view and play this game, your browser must support Java and Java must be activated on your computer.
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