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Online Flower Games

This online concentration game is part of our kids online flower games series. There are several different pictures of colorful flowers.

Your goal is to find the matching pair of flowers by turning (clicking) the cards. Once you find a match these cards are cleared. Once all the flowers are matched you will reveal the picture underneath.

There are fun sounds as you make a match and once you win the game. So put your concentration cap on and test your memory with this fun flower memory game.

Flower Memory Game

In addition to this concentration game, try this online flowers word search.

Fun Facts About Flowers

Do you know how many species of flowers there are? Or which states have the same state flower?  Here are just a few fun facts about flowers.
  • There are over 250,000 different species of flowers.

  • The largest single flower is the Rafflesia, also called the corpse flower. They are about 3 feet in diameter.

  • The rose family of plants gives us not only roses but apples, pears, plums, cherries, almonds, peaches and appricots - yummy!

  • Oregon's state flower, the Oregon Grape, is not closely related to grapes but rather is an evergreen shrub.

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