Online Butterfly Games for Kids

This is just one of several online butterfly games for kids on this site. This online kids game has colorful flowers and a cute butterfly. Just take your butterfly through the flowers and collect butterflies and cute bugs as you go. Be sure to avoid the bees.

As you complete each level, you will automatically start the next level, so don't stop flying your butterfly or you will end the game.  There will be a short ad that runs while your game is loading.

Once the game is ready you can click on "skip ad". Then click on the flower with the word "start" to begin your game. You will see the rules of the game and how to play. When you are ready, just click your mouse to begin having lots of online fun.

Online Butterfly Games

Okay, let's get started. Remember to click on the "skip ad" once the game is loaded and ready so you can begin.

If you liked this online butterfly games for kids, try this butterfly zamba game. It's a match 3 game but the new pieces come from both sides instead of from the top. It will keep you entertained with all the colorful butterflies.

More Online Fun

Here are some of our favorite kids online games to celebrate spring and summer.

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This butterfly is just so colorful that you have to give this kids online game a try.

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Fun Facts about Butterflies

  • Butterflies can taste with their feet.

  • They can tell if a leaf they are standing on will be a good food source for their eggs.

  • Butterflies have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies.

  • This is known as exoskeleton.

  • There are about 24,000 different types of butterflies.

More Kids Fun

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This colorful butterfly craft from our sister site is made from a paper bag. It's easy and inexpensive.

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Here's a fun game from They have to find the hidden butterflies in the picture.

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