Online Frankenstein Coloring Page

Check out this Frankenstein coloring page. This is a fun page to color online for Halloween. With his spiked hair-do, big head and shoes and funky clothes he is ready for some trick-or-treats. He has even brought an extra "eye" to help him see the way in the dark Halloween night.

Help him get ready for a fun night by painting this Halloween picture online. Just start by selecting the color you want from the palette below the picture. Click on that color to select it. Once the color is selected just move to the area of the picture you want to make that color and click again.

Just keep repeating this until your Frankenstein picture is done. You can always start over by clicking on the clear button. This will put the picture back to black and white.

More Online Halloween Coloring

You can also print this Frankenstein coloring page. There are many pictures to select from on this Halloween coloring pictures page.

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