Kids Memory Games - July 4th

Kids memory games are a fun way for kids to focus, think and learn. The game of concentration, where kids find matching pairs of cards, is a classic memory activity that has been around for years. In this 4th of July concentration game kids will try to match the pairs of Independence Day pictures. There are flags, fireworks and more.

This kids game is played online. They can scramble the cards over and over again to really test their memory. Once all the pairs of cards are matched a hidden picture is revealed. There are 3 levels to try; easy, medium and hard. Just click a level below or scroll down to start at the easiest level.

Easy                    Medium                    Hard

4th of July Memory Game - Easy

Okay kids, are you ready to test your memory by matching these 4th of July pictures? Just click on a card to start. This will reveal the picture on the other side of the card. Then pick your next card. If they match, these cards will be removed (on your next click) to start revealing the hidden picture.

If they don't match the cards will be flipped over and you get to try again. Keeping picking pairs of cards until you have found all the matches. Once the last pair is found, just click once to show the full hidden picture. By the way, turn on your volume to listen to the cute sounds as you play.

Way to go. You can either scramble the cards and do this level again or scroll down for the next level.

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Independence Day Memory Game - Medium

If you want to try matching more 4th of July pictures then tackle this level. The rules are the same as above, so let's get ready and test your memory skills.

Isn't this fun. I just can't seem to stop playing sometimes. If you want just scramble these cards again and stay at the medium level or scroll down to match even more July 4th pictures in the next July 4th kids memory games level.

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Kids Memory Game - Hard

This level has the most pairs of pictures to find and match. Don't worry though, there is no time limit so keep playing until you win.

So how's your memory? Did you find all the matching pairs at this level? Remember you can always scramble the cards and play this over and over again.

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