Online Tic Tac Toe Game for Kids

Online Ants Game

This online tic tac toe game has the red ants playing against black ants. Kids play this against the computer. This game helps kids learn strategy and to think ahead - plus it's just fun to try and win. Although most games are a tie sometimes you will win and sometimes you may lose.

In this game, kids are the black ants and the computer are the red ants. You must try to make a match of 3 across, down or diagonal - the basic rules of this classic kids game. So let's begin and try to win!

Ants Tic Tac Toe

To start, just pick a square. Then it's the computers turn. You can the computer will alternate who starts with each new game. You are the black ant and the computer is the red ant. Get ready to play and good luck!

Top-Left Top-Center Top-Right
Middle-Left Middle-Center Middle-Right
Bottom-Left Bottom-Center Bottom-Right

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