Kids Online Ants Coloring Pages

This is one of two ants coloring pages that kids paint online. Kids love watching ants as they are busy gathering food and working hard.

There is just something facinating about ants and your kids can have fun coloring this guy online. This ant is showing off how strong they are. 

To start painting this ant picture first select the color you want from the color palette. Then click on the picture to make that area the color you selected.

To start from scratch, just click on the clear button. That's all there is to it so let's start having some online coloring fun.

Awesome Ant Fact

  • An ant can lift over 10 to 50 times their body weight. That's a lot for such little creatures.

Ant Coloring Page Online

Let's make this ant big and strong by giving him some bold and bright colors.

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