Kids Bee Coloring Picture Online

Here is another online bee coloring picture that kids can paint online. This one is a realistic looking bee sitting on a flower.  There are many different species of bees. In fact, there are nearly 20,000 known species from 7 to 9 different families of bees. That's a whole lot of buzzing going on.

To begin coloring this species of bee just click on the color you want from the palette. Then move your mouse to the area of the picture you want to make this color. Then just click again to fill that area with your selected color.

If you want to coloring this online bee picture again just click on the clear button. This way you can have lots of online coloring fun.

Bee Coloring Page Online

Put the crayons away and instead hop on the computer and get your mouse ready to pick your colors for this bee.

How Bees Pollinate Flowers

A bee pollinates flowers as it lands on them in search of nectar. When the bee lands on the flowers the pollen sticks to it's feet and body. Then when they travel to the next flower, the pollen falls off, pollinating this new flower.
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