Kids Jigsaw Puzzles - Honey Bee

There are several kids jigsaw puzzles on this site. This page is of a flying bubble bee.  The bee puzzle shown below is a picture of the finished puzzle.

Bees may be a bit scary and sometimes can sting you, but they play an important role in helping our food and flowers grow. By pollinating the crops, the crops will grow bigger and better, giving us more fresh vegetables and fruits....not to mention the beautiful and pretty smelling flowers.

To begin solving this one, just click on the play icon (see picture below).


When you click on this icon the puzzle will expand and the pieces will be shuffled. The default number of pieces is 48 but this can be easily changed to increase or decrease the difficulty. Just click on the link that says "Change Cut". From here you can change not only the number of pieces but how the pieces are cut. So you can use the classic cut (which is the default) or try a different crazier cut like stars, birds or even lizard shapes.

Bee Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

Remember, just click play to begin solving this puzzle. As you move the pieces around the board and find a match, they will lock together. You can here a "click" as you find a match. When you are done, just click the "x" in the upper right hand corner of the puzzle to close it up.

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