July 4th Coloring Online

In this July 4th coloring page you can paint a magnificent bald eagle online. This eagle is surrounded by fireworks and is displaying a 4th of July banner. Use lots of bright colors to light up the sky around this national emblem.

The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle became our nation's emblem back in 1782 when the great seal of the United States was adopted. If if had been up to Benjamin Franklin another symbol, like the turkey, would have been the selected bird to represent our nation. However he was out voted and the eagle was adopted as our symbol.
Once you are done with this Independence Day coloring page you can pick another July 4th picture. Just use the links below to open up a new coloring page you paint online.

Uncle Sam's Hat 4th of July Bear Patriotic Heart
Patriotic Donkey Bald Eagle Ribbon and Fireworks
Fireworks USA Flag Patriotic Balloons

4th of July Coloring Online

To start painting this picture select a color from the palette. Then click on an area of the picture to make it that color. If you change your mind then just click a different color and re-click in that same area.

Useful tip: Because the picture starts out black and "white"there is no white in the color palette. To make something white just leave it as is. Don't pick a color and click in an area you want to leave white.

If you want to do this page again just click on the clear button. This way you can have lots of online coloring fun.

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