July 4th Coloring Online

These fireworks are a fun July 4th coloring page for kids to color online. As they shoot in the air, wearing their stripes, brilliant fireworks shoot off all around. So kids pick bright colors to make these fireworks come alive as you paint it online.

History of Fireworks

Fireworks have been around since the 7th century. China used them initially to scare off evil spirits with their loud sounds. They were also used to pray for happiness and prosperity.

Today the art of making fireworks has captured the awe of many people. In fact they hold competitions on fireworks displays.
Once you have given these fireworks their brilliant colors you can pick a new 4th of July online coloring picture. Just select a new one from the links below.

Uncle Sam's Hat 4th of July Bear Patriotic Heart
Patriotic Donkey Bald Eagle Ribbon and Fireworks
Fireworks  US Flag Patriotic Balloons

4th of July Coloring Online

Click on the color of your choice from the color palette below the picture. Then click on a section of the picture to change it to that color. Keep repeating this until the entire 4th of July picture is colored.

If you change your mind and want a different color for an area of your picture, just pick the new color in the palette. Then re-click in the area of the picture to change the color. If you want to do this page again just click on the clear button. This way you can give these fireworks new colors over and over again.

In addition to these July 4th coloring pages try these printable fireworks coloring pages



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