Kids Jigsaw Puzzles July 4th

These kids jigsaw puzzles are in celebration of July 4th - Independence Day. Of course this holiday would not be the same without the brilliant display of fireworks. So there are jigsaws of fireworks as well as some red, white and blue - the Flag.

The great things about these kids puzzles are they work well for kids of all ages. The puzzle settings are adjustable. So you can have lots of pieces to put together or just a few pieces for the younger kids. Plus you can change the settings to have fun and interesting shapes like stars, lizards and more fun shapes.

How to Change Puzzle Settings

Below are all the 4th of July kids jigsaw puzzles that you solve online. Each puzzle is ready to play. All you have to do is click on the play icon to get started. This opens a larger canvas (playing area) with the puzzle pieces already scrambled. The default setting is 48 pieces with a classic cut.

To change the settings, click on the "Change Cut" link to the left of the scrambled puzzle. Then select a new cut and shape. The puzzle will then be re-cut and re-scrambled.

Once you are done with the online jigsaw puzzle, just click the "x" (close icon) in the upper right corner of the puzzle. Then scroll down to try the next puzzle.

To start a July 4th puzzle just scroll through this page or select one from the links below.

Fireworks 1            Fireworks 2            Flag 

Fireworks Display Jigsaw Puzzle

Just click on the play icon to start solving this puzzle online.

Ready to try another one? Just scroll down for the next fireworks kids puzzle.

Fireworks Puzzle

Here is another bright and beautiful fireworks display puzzle to solve.

Keep scrolling down for more online puzzle solving fun. There 1 more puzzle to try.

Flag Jigsaw Puzzle

This American Flag is flying high and proud with the red, white and blue. With the message of Happy July 4th in the picture, this is a fun one to solve to celebrate Independence Day.

In addition to these July 4th kids jigsaw puzzles, test your memory with these Independence Day concentration games online.


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