Kids Online Butterfly Games

Kids love online butterfly games and this game is no exception. This is a match 3 game with a slight twist. As you match the butterflies and clear the spaces, more butterflies come onto the playing board. 

Instead of coming from the top like other match 3 games, the new butterflies come from the left and right sides. So you never know what you will get next.

Just click on a butterfly, and then click on a butterfly next to it (top, bottom, right or left) to swap the pieces and make a 3 way match.

Try to match as many as you can before the time runs out. The more matches the higher the score.

Kids Matching Online Butterfly Games

There will be a short ad that runs as this game loads. Once the game loads you can begin your online fun.

Try this game for more online butterfly games fun. This is a fun, interactive game that kids will love.

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Fun Facts about Butterflies

  • Butterflies use their antennae to smell.

  • Butterflies have four wings and six legs.

  • Butterflies can communicate by making noises with their wings and by producing chemical signals.

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