Kids Jigsaw Puzzle - Butterfly

This kids jigsaw puzzle is of a beautiful butterfly. The picture of the puzzle below is the finished jigsaw. To get to the puzzle to start solving just click on the play icon on the bottom left of the butterfly picture.


Once you click the play icon your puzzle will expand and the pieces will be shuffled waiting for you to start. The default number of pieces is 48 but this can be easily changed to increase or decrease the difficulty. Just click on the link that says "Change Cut".

From here you can change not only the number of pieces but how the pieces are cut. So you can use the classic cut (which is the default) or try a different crazier cut like stars, birds or even lizard shapes.

Butterfly Puzzle for Kids

There is lots of space to move your pieces around making this an easier way to solve the puzzle. Just click on the play icon to get started.

As you move the pieces around the board and find a match, they will lock together. You can here a "click" as you find a match. When you are done, just click the "x" in the upper right hand corner of the puzzle to close it up. If you want to do it over, just click the play icon again.

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